It is possible to rent the equipment below:


Two bodies Canon 5d markIII.
Lens 24-70 serie L f2.8 Canon.
Lens 70-200 serie L f2.8 Canon.
Lens 35mm serie L f1.4 Canon.
Lens 50mm serie L f1.2 Canon.
Lens 85mm serie L f1.2 Canon.
Lensbaby MediaComposer f2.8.
Two external monitors 7 inches.
Manfrotto tripod MVH 502A.
Slider 1 mt. 
Flycam 5000. 
Manfrotto Shoulder Set Sympla.
Two fresnel spot Ianiro 1000W.
Two photoflood Ianiro 500W. 
Three openface spot 800W, dimmer build-in.  
Zoom H4n.


For more infos please contact me via phone or mail.